Yesterday I finally bought Gommage by Ives Rocher. First of all let's speak about such invention like Gommage. Gommage is a highly effective way to exfoliate the face or body, leaving skin feeling silky soft. The word gommage comes from the French word that means "to erase." Gommage like scrub is a variety of peeling, but it treats your skin more carefully. The cleaning is the result of chemically activechemically active substance (fruit acid), which removes dead cells.

My gommage "Sebo Specific" has very smooth structure and I use it two times a day: in the morning and before bed. BUT: today in the morning after using gommage my face became red :( I'm not sure if it's because my new purchase, but I'll keep my eye on it for some days.)

Do you use or ever tried Gommage (for example Chanel's)?  

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